Call for Submissions to The Hong Kong Writers Circle Anthology for 2023!

Members and members-to-be of the Hong Kong Writers Circle are cordially invited to submit a work of poetry, short fiction, or creative nonfiction to our annual anthology. The theme (and working title) of the 2022 Hong Kong Writers Circle Anthology is “Book Of Changes”. We are working in partnership with this year’s HK Poly U Writing Roundtable and tying our anthology to their guiding theme of Flux in Pedagogy, Creative Writing & Scholarship, defining “flux” as “uncertainty and constant change”. Use that as you wish.

Each submission will be thematically associated with one of the hexagrams of the I Ching. Functionally, this means each author will select (casting of lots is allowed) at least one of the 64 hexagrams and let one or more of its names inspire your story, flash(es), poem(s), or creative nonfiction.

A basic list of names is available at:
For greater insight into the nuanced meanings behind the names, go to:
For a general understanding on how the hexagram works, see here for reference:

You needn’t use the name in your title, as the story’s title page will also include the name and hexagram and possibly a brief translated passage from the I Ching (still hammering out the details). Submit a proposal for your fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction, including the associated hexagram by name and number, to [email protected] by the deadline of 8 March.

Please go to and pick one of the words or phrases in quotes. That’s your story.

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